Andrew Shelley is a regulatory economist with 17 years' experience analysing complex economic and regulatory issues for energy-intensive, network and infrastructure industries. His recent work focuses on analysing the firm’s response to regulation, including the impact of New Zealand’s proposed emissions trading scheme on energy-intensive and emissions-intensive firms, and the impact of formal price control on utility revenues, cash flows, and investment.

Andrew has particular expertise in the energy and telecommunications industries. He has advised on economic regulatory issues relating to transmission and distribution in both the electricity and gas industries. His experience includes issues such as asset valuation, cost of capital, revenue requirements, pricing structure, and cash flow modelling.

In the telecommunications industry Andrew has been involved in both business strategy and the development of regulatory policy. He has assisted a major New Zealand telecommunications firm with the analysis of universal service obligations, pricing rules for products that are mandated by the regulator to be sold on wholesale basis and the development of related regulatory policy, and analysed the impact of regulatory reforms on the firm’s cost of capital.

Andrew has also advised firms in industries such as forestry, postal services, and rail networks. In addition to providing regulatory advice he has appeared as an expert witness in commercial arbitrations relating to New Zealand's electricity market, and developed expert evidence for a number of court cases relating to other matters.

Andrew’s previous employment includes Principal at CRA International, Senior Consultant at PHB Hagler Bailly Asia Pacific Ltd, Costing & Economics Manager at Telecom New Zealand Ltd, and the positions of Strategic Analyst and Pricing Analyst at Transpower New Zealand Ltd.

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